What is Azure IoT Edge?

  • By Analyzing/Process Data Locally Instead of cloud.
  • React to events quickly.
  • Operate offline.

Supported OS

  1. Replace a word

sed -i ‘s/{word to match}/{word to replace}/{nth occurrence on each line}’ {file location}.


2. Replace multiple lines in a text file

sed -i -e ‘/{sub string to match at beginning}/,/{sub string to match at end}/c\’ ”$VariableWithNewContent” ’ ’ {file location}


  1. Add System.Drawing.Common Nuget to your project.

2. Convert the source image to a byte array.

3. Create a source image bitmap using the source stream.

4. Create an empty target image bitmap with desired dimensions.

5. using Graphics.DrawImage method and passing arguments source image bitmap, target image rectangle, rectangle which needs to cropped from source and graphics unit. Draw the source rectangle on the target image.

6. Save the target cropped image to a file.

Working sample

csharpsamples → cropimage

Shiva Sai Yeddlapuri

Full stack developer

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